Tuesday, 6 April 2010

MacBook Pro 15"

So, Due to the recent release of the iPad, I have been checking out Apple MacBook Pros as i feel that the performance of my laptop is really out dated for the things i want to do. I've been reading up on the 15" 2.8GHz model and i find it to be perfect for what i'm looking for as i'm looking for a decent MacBook that will last me through my University years however, I don't know what i'm doing for University yet so i'm still deciding on what to get. Ever since my older brother got a MacBook Pro (13"), i found it to be really accessible for any user and also found it to be a much lighter that my current 17" Dell Precision. I find that if i had a lighter laptop, it would be with me everywhere. So i'm currently stumped on what to get but a MacBook Pro is at the top of my list at the moment. Which should i BUY!?

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