Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Gadget Show Live

part of my course is about knowing about today's current software and hardware. So there is no better way to find new gear but to go to a very nerdy convention. And that's when we got an offer from the college to go to the Gadget Show Live event.

For those who don't live in Briton, Gadget show is a fairly large tv program that airs on Channel Five on Monday nights. It pretty much does what it says on the can. The show is about gadgets but the show is really popular over here as it usually shows all the newest gadgets and other gadgets that you wouldn't have otherwise really been interested in until they show you how it works. The show has 4 presenters and every week, they always have some form of challenge that requires them to use a certain type of gadget.

The event i went to was only a preview event as the main days were filled very quickly so i got to go on the preview day instead.
The day began with me lugging around my backpack and my camera bag to college which were quite heavy due to lunch and my camera. This was then followed by a 2 hour bus ride to Birmingham which i then spent playing DJ Max Clazziquai as usual.
As we arrived, it became extremely clear that the place was a very large exhibition center but i couldn't really tell if it was larger than excel.

As the day progressed, i saw many new bits of kit, tried out the new NVidia 3D system and also got to play the almost complete Split/Second.
However, the best part of the day was the Nikon photography masterclass that i attended. I learnt how angle shifting photos are taken. They used 30 Nikon D700 Pro range DLSR cameras. Photos of a model were taken in Sequence with 0.15 seconds between camera shots. This allows for a panning shot of the object.
This i feel was the highlight of the day and the rest of the day was pretty good too.

Thanks of reading.

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