Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Hey guys,
For those who don't already know, i'm a big fan of anime and recently, the new season of my favourite anime of all time has just started.
Heres an overview of the series.
K-ON! is a slice of life, music, comedy series which revolves around a club called Keion! (or
けいおん! which directly translates to Light Music Club) and its 4-5 members. All the characters have their funny points and cute points (as most animes do) and I find this particular series to have the MOE-factor over almost ever other series.
The main characters include,
Hirasawa Yui - The clumsey, happy go lucky, easy going character who is extreamly childish.
Tainaka Ritsu - The ambigous yet upbeat character in the group who is also the self-proclaimed president of the club.
Akiyama Mio - The rather adult character of the group who is at times rather embarrassed easily and can be quiet an easily frightened person.
Kotobuki Tsumugi - The easy going, rather childish person of the group. She is the rich girl of the group but it is never clear that she acts like one even through polite exterior.
Nakano Azusa (Azu-nyan) - My favourite character of the group, Azusa is the extremly cute final member of the first season and is known best for being dressed up by the rest of the group as a cat and is the most popular character of the group.

Well, thats a breif overview of K-ON!'s main characters.
I'm off.
Check K-ON! out if you haven't already done so.

Ja Mattane~!

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