Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cookie's Games from Everywhere

Ok. So i decieded to make a new series called Cookie's Games from Everywhere! cos i thought that it would be pretty cool to go to loads of different places looking for games regardless of Arcade or home consoles.
When i was much younger (back in Malaysia), i used to go to arcades straight after school with my older sister. Many places back in Penang like One Stop were my favourite places due to the Cyber Cafes and Initial D machines.
So in the recent decade, Arcades have gone from super popular to almost extinct due to recent console boom and as a result, arcades are almost dead in England. But due to the lack of arcades, there are still 2 or 3 good ones in the country and London's Trocodaro is no exception.
So i paid a visit to Trocodaro with CloudIncarnate due to the Chinese New Year Celebrations and also i found out of a new DJ Max game that was just recently brought there.
Now for all those who are unfamiliar, DJ Max is an extremly fun music game developed in Korea by a company called Pentavision Entertainment. The aim of the games was quite simple. It was just to hit the notes as the music passes but due to songs and their backgrounds, thousands of people got addicted to it. I started following this series since Portable 2 and have really enjoyed every single installment since.

Heres a Link to the Wiki entry:

Heres a link to one of the Songs in DJ Max Portable Clazziquai:

So back to the game.
DJ Max Technika was made in 2008 but was never really brought over to the UK till 2009 when they brought out the English version. So i had a quick go and i though to myself that this could possibly be the best DJ Max game ever due to touch sensitive screen. For those who have followed DJ Max, Technika has many great tunes from all of the games but has my favourite tunes from both Portable 2 (Lady Made Star & Miles) and Clazziquai (Melody, Clear Blue Sky & I Want You). The game also allows for those who are in the Platinum Crew (you know who you are! :P) to access extra songs and also access online challenges. For those who do not know, Platinum crew is the official IC cards that you can use to store your stats and details of your DJ on Technika and allows for exclusive access to some songs. These cards were sent out in many Limited Edition ver. of the other games like Black Box, Clazziquai and Fever.
Its a shame that games like this will soon stop being made as arcades are all but dead in many countries around the world. But games like this, do bring a lot of hope for those countries who are just able to keep arcades for the next few generations. I feel that arcades have really change the way many of us today play games but its a shame that arcades are goin down and the next few generations won't ever know that places like this were what influenced their parents when they were younger. I like to think that i wouldn't be as influenced in games as i am now if i hadn't had arcades back when i was younger.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more Cookie's Games from Everywhere!


  1. yeah it is quite sad.. i <3 arcades, but it's true they are not as popular as they used to be which is peculiar considering that is where most of today's gaming originates :( poor pacman... :(

  2. i played the game in the image above n i failed like after 30 sec of a song ;_;