Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Past Year

I am somehow reflecting on how this past year has changed so drastically. I remember this time last year, I was actually grindin in revision cos i though 6th form was the only way to go. But now I look back on this, I feel quite naive to have actual thought this. I thought that there would be no where for me to go in today's ever growing civilisation without the studies and grades. Which is why I thought that 6th form was the only way for me to go. But due to my grades, I inevitably failed my attempt to get to 6th form and was in the of depth depression for that week following the results. I didn't eat, sleep or really do anything that week because I felt that my dream to work in Japan in a profession I'm good at had all but shattered in my head. Until my brother suggested I go to college. I didn't think about college but that is where the real change began. I met new faces, places and actually studied something I was pasionate about. Computing. The one thing I'm fairly good at.
Today, I am top of my class doin a B-TEC Software development course at Hertford Regional College.

This, is where I feel my dream can continue on strong and I get finally achieve that dream of workin with computers in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Thanks for Reading.

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